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Club History

early Club house
1846 - The Presidio becomes a US post.
1895 - The US Army gives a group of civilians permission to build a nine-hole golf course on Fort Winfield Scott in the Presidio.
1897 - Tudor-style clubhouse is built; it remains in use today.
1905 - The Presidio Golf Club is founded, with an initial charter of 31 members.
1908 - The Army approves plans to expand the course to 18 holes.
1913 - The Secretary of War notifies the Presidio Golf Club that its members may use the course "so long as the same does not interfere in any way with the military." Responsibility for operating the course is assigned to the United Service Golf Club.
1913 - The Presidio Golf Club takes responsibility for the course maintenance, construction, improvements and management.
1920 - The Army grants the PGC permission to redesign and expand the course once again. The design is by British golf course architects Fowler & Simpson.
1921 - The project to redesign the course is completed on September 9, estimated to cost $25,000, the final tab was $96,000. The PGC finances the improvements primarily by raising initiation fees from $75 to $200 to $1,100.
1953 - The government formalizes its 40-year agreement that the PGC operate the course.
1956 - At the request of the PGC, the Army once again assumes responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the course. The Army funds $125,000 for the installation of a new sprinkler system.
1958 - At the request of the Army, the PGC and Army personnel share starting times on a one-on-one basis.
1962 - The United Service Golf Club changes its name to the Presidio Army Golf Club.
1972 - Congress creates the Golden Gate National Recreational Area. Legislation also provides for the transfer of the Presidio to the National Park Service when it is no longer needed by the Department of Defense.
1989 - The Army announces that the Presidio will be closed as part of the Base Realignment and Closure Act.
1993 - The National Park Service announces its plans for the Presidio. The golf course is to be open to the public.
2000 - Clubhouse renovation completed
2007-2013 - Long range Golf Course improvements implemented including green and tee renovation, drainage and bunker work. 
2014 - Golf Course hosts 97th San Francisco City Championship Golf Tournament